Our Purpose

Our heart is for family ministry: encouraging husband and wives, dads and moms and other caregivers to seek the Lord, cling to Him, and courageously RAISE UP those they are charged with to honor God and uphold our communities. We ARE, regardless of how much or little we invest, positive or negative, growing the next generation. Please prayerfully consider your goals for this upcoming school year, how you can lend your talents, and how BCHA and BICC can be a tool for your family.


BCHA Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, the final authority of faith and life, without error both in doctrine and historical details, and that all true knowledge is consistent within its revelation.

We believe that there is one self-existent God who has always been and will always be, manifest in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and that knowing him truly is the foundation of all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God manifest in the Flesh, born of a virgin, that He is the Savior of mankind through His death on the cross, that He rose from the dead and ascended to God, and that He will return again and will raise those who have believed in Him to reign with Him in power and glory throughout all eternity.

We believe in the brotherhood of all believers who, through faith, have received the salvation provided by God’s grace through the death of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God has ordained the institutions of marriage and family. In His infinite wisdom, He has created us as male or female and has a purpose for each of us. While not all are called to marriage, God our Father has created marriage to be the exclusive union between one man and one woman through which believers are called to love, encourage, and serve one another. Our conduct should reflect this design.

We believe that children, from conception, belong to God, who has given the responsibility and authority for their education to their parents, and that it is their responsibility to protect this parental right.

Meet the Board

April & Philip Clark

Executive Director & Support


Educational Director & Spiritual Support

Native Texans, Dan and Kasey have been married for twenty-four years and have six children.  Dan works for the City of Austin but has a passion for farming.  Kasey has a bachelor's degree in education with a minor in English; she has been teaching for over twenty years.  Together, they have been called by the Lord to raise and educate their children in a manner that preserves their children's innocence and helps deepen their relationship with Jesus.  Dan and Kasey have been homeschooling for eleven years, utilizing BCHA-BICC for seven.

Ali & Les Shaw

Ministry Director & Spiritual Support

Les and Ali have a full and blessed life! The Lord led them to homeschooling in 1999, and they've never looked back. They have three daughters, two who are grown and one who is still homeschooling, two sons-in-law, and six grandkids. Les served in the Army for twelve years which afforded them opportunities to travel the U.S. and overseas. He also managed a trucking and sales company in Austin before retiring in early 2023. Ali is on an adventure as a seminary student, a women's ministry leader, both at within her church and in parachurch settings, and as a Bible study writer. The Shaws have been involved with BCHA-BICC for five years.

Charity & Jason Rogers

Connections Director & Support

Nola & Kevin Linn

Activities Director & Support


Ralph & Becky Garcia

Spiritual Support & Compliance